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Registration is open! The deadline is Sunday 6 May.

Please note that the registration includes lodging with all meals included between Monday June 4th, afternoon, to Friday noon.

Reduced fees (half-price) for students are available thanks to the support of the Paul Scherrer Institute and the French GDRI "X-FEL science".

The school is supported by the "Formation permanente" of CNRS. Therefore, CNRS staff do not have to pay registration fees.

Registration procedure

The registration to XFEL school 2012 is done in 2 successive steps on a dedicated website:

  1. Pre-registration

    Connect to the registration website and complete the "pre-registration" form.

    Be careful with the way (cases, accents) you enter your Last Name, First Name and E-Mail, because you will asked them again for identification in the next step.

    In the section "Tarification", you have to select the fees from the following list:
    Regular - single room (700€ TTC): regular attendee with accommodation in single room.
    Note that a limited number of single rooms are available and will be given on a "first arrived first served" basis.
    Regular - twin 
    (600€ TTC): regular attendee with accommodation in twin room.
    You will be asked about people you would like to share with.
    (300 € TTC): all students, including PhD students, except students paid on a CNRS grant.
    CNRS staff (0 €): any CNRS employee, including invited lecturers and PhD students.
    Please check the box "CNRS employee" above the list.
    Invited (0 €): all invited lecturers, except CNRS employees.
    Accompanying pers.
    (350 €): accompanying persons not taking part to the scientific activities.

    In the section "Enter your organization", give the contact details of the person in charge of the payment for your registration.

    After completing the pre-registration form, your pre-registration has to be validated by the organizers. This is not an automatic validation, therefore it may take a few hours or even a day. Then you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. If any doubt, contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

  2. Registration and payment details

    Once you have received the confirmation e-mail, you can follow the link provided to confirm your registration.
    You are then asked about payment details. You can either pay directly using a credit card, or produce an invoice form. If you pay by bank transfer, please include the reference number (F0xxx on the invoice) and the name "XFEL2012".